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Los Tres Amigos – 2018

Join us for Los Tres Amigos, 2018 at the Bella Cucina.

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Congressman Brian Mast at December Brunch

Join the Republican Club of the Northern Palm Beaches for a Holiday Brunch with special guest Congressman Brian Mast.

Representative Rick Roth visits the RCNPB

“We’re the party that fights for principle, and thankfully in public”. This is Rick Roth’s answer to why we can’t all get along in Washington and Tallahasee.

Over a fine buffet brunch at Grande’s Bella Cucina, Rick touched on a range of topics from noting the upcoming 500th anniversary of Martin Luther and the Reformation, what it’s like to be a freshman legislator (speak quietly and listen), those in the legislature that he admires (Richard Corcoran especially although Rick is supporting Adam Putnam for Governor), and the importance of never giving up.

Some ideas he is advancing are intriguing.

– Noting that many graduating high school students know much less about our history and government than those achieving new citizenship status, he proposes that passing the same test required in the naturalization process be a requirement for a diploma.

– Amendments to the Florida constitution, most of which are proposed by the legislature itself, should require a 2/3 vote to pass, a higher threshold than the current 60%. Since most voters don’t read the supporting material for ballot questions – just the question itself (if that), it would require more effort by proponents to educate the voters.

– The Sunshine laws make things difficult for county commissions and city councils to efficiently govern, since they cannot talk among themselves out of the public eye. A bill Rick is proposing would allow groups of officials to perform fact finding missions together, discussing the topics freely as long as the meetings are noticed and minutes are kept.

In closing, he explained the age-old method of influencing your government officials – visit their offices to get to know the staff, and GIVE THEM MONEY. Like it or not, people do remember those on their donor lists.

And summed up his approach to legislating as “Quiet, principled, get the job done.”

Also at the meeting, Sid Dinerstein reminded us all that the term limits that was imposed on Palm Beach Gardens Council by 80% of the voters in 2014 is being threatened by the new Council elected since then. The Council is proposing to increase the limit from 2 terms to 3, and allow people to run again after sitting out a term. If they proceed, it would appear on the ballot in March 2018 (by itself as no candidate is up for election in the municipals next year). With the expectation of an extremely low turnout, several hundred voters could overturn the will of the 16,000 that voted yes in 2014. Most of the members in attendance seemed to agree with Sid that this was wrong.

Palm Beach Gardens Mayor Maria Marino, a member of the club and a driver of the changes, was present and wished to rebut Sid’s allegations, but the discussion had to be curtailed as it wandered into other areas. Maria has been invited back to the December meeting to explain why she thinks tearing up term limits is a good idea.

Rick Roth at October 29 Brunch

The Republican Club of the Northern Palm Beaches invites you to join us for a delicious full BRUNCH featuring HD85 Representative Rick Roth.

Lobsterfest 2017

Join us for Lobster Fest 2017. In addition to keynote speaker James O’Keefe, we will hear from Agriculture Commissioner and candidate for Governer Adam Putnam, Congressmen Brian Mast and Ron DeSantis, and State Senator Jack Latvala.

Please call 561-686-1616 for reservations. For more information, see

PBG Candidate Forum Video

On February 28, PBG Watch, along with the Palm Beach County Tea Party, the Republican Club of the Northern Palm Beaches, the Republican Club of the Palm Beaches, and the North County Democratic Club hosted a candidate forum for the City Council election.

Los Tres Amigos Share their Insights

A repeat of one year ago, the Republican Club of NPB brought together three speakers to share their wisdom on the current political environment.

Unfortunately, County Commissioner Hal Valeche was unable to reprise his previous appearance, but Frenchman’s HOA board member and Palm Beach Gardens Council candidate Michael Paolercio was able to fill the slot.

Just as Donald Trump has called for “draining the swamp” in Washington, the Gardens term limits referendum that passed last year has had the effect of churning up the local waters. With three long term incumbents reaching the end of their allowed tenure, the three open seats have drawn a rich assortment of 9 candidates. In a little over a month, a new council will be seated where the longest serving member has been there for one year.

Michael contrasted himself with his opponent, and cited his entrepreneurial experience in building a highly successful company, and his local work in overseeing the building projects of Chabad of Palm Beach Gardens, as examples of the kind of skills that the city needs. A grasp of the big picture, he said, is as important as the details.

Next up was County GOP Chairman Michael Barnett who was recently elected as Vice Chair of the Republican Party of Florida, a position that will keep him traveling around the state.

Michael spoke of how amazing it is to be the County Party of the President, with the Winter White House right here in our neighborhood. The Lincoln Day Dinner is sold out already, in spite of the fact that no speakers have been announced. Just holding it at Mar-a-Lago evidently is enough. The county really delivered for the President, giving him over 52% in the primary and 25,000 votes more than Mitt Romney got in the 2012 general. We had an amazing 91% of absentee ballots returned.

Looking forward, the “Drive for Five” focus of 2018 – to retain the governorship and cabinet and win Bill Nelson’s seat for the GOP, is going to take a lot of work and we need to be getting ready. The county gave Rick Scott only 38% of the vote in 2014, and though a Republican will probably win the state, we need to work as hard as if we are 10 points down.

Finally, former Party Chairman Sid Dinerstein gave us his views of “What is Going On”. We have been in a war with Progressives since Woodrow Wilson took the White House in 1912, instituted an income tax and launched the federal reserve. Unfortunately, we have not always realized (that we are at war), and surprisingly, the election of Donald Trump means we are winning.

With their long-range plan of turning us into Mexico – a socialist, one-party country, we came very close to losing it all. If Hillary Clinton had been elected, it would have guaranteed 10 million new immigrant and progressive voters. So it was really “28-3 in the third quarter” and the Democrats thought they had won – after 103 years of conflict. This unexpected loss is why they can’t return to being “normal people”.

Abe Lincoln was the first President to actually “take back ground” from the Progressive agenda. Donald Trump is the second. Even Ronald Reagan failed to do this as he accepted (and gave amnesty to) 3 million illegals, “as long as we don’t take any more”. Trump, by moving to actually reduce the number of illegals and rejecting amnesty, doing energy reform, health care reform, school choice, etc. will actually set the Progressive agenda back.

Politically, Republicans have principles and an ideology that binds us together while Democrats are a coalition of sometimes competing interests. Trump has introduced large cracks in that coalition – with unions and black voters, and is about to tackle the Democrats ace in the hole – voter fraud.

In summary, Trump has been a “GOAT” – the “Greatest of All Time” President Elect and sure to have more accomplishments in a short time than many Presidents get in a term.

Michael Barnett and Sid Dinerstein

Angela West, Michael Paolercio, Marilyn Parmet

RCNPB Co-hosts Palm Beach Gardens Candidate Forum 2/28

Join us for an evening of in-depth discussion of city issues with the candidates for the March 14th election in Groups 1, 3 and 5 at the Gardens Branch of the County Library. With nine candidates vying for three open seats this year, it should be a lively discussion.

Los Tres Amigos on February 12

The Republican Club of the Northern Palm Beaches proudly presents:

The Second Annual “LOS TRES AMIGOS”

County Commissioner
Hal Valeche

County Chair
Mike Barnett

Former Chair
Sid Dinerstein
Our speakers will discuss the state of the county, and the state of the country after the Trump Victory.
1:30PM, Sunday February 12 (Note new time!).
Frenchman’s Reserve Country Club
3370 Grande Corniche
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410

Light refreshments served, cash bar
Charge $15/pp members


Please RSVP to
Marilyn Parmet, President

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