Pat Rooney Explains House Opposition to Senate Health Care Proposal

Our May meeting featured Representative Pat Rooney, who provided us with an update on the Legislative Session that just ended. As you may know, a special session has been called to complete work on the budget since the House and Senate could not agree on Medicaid expansion.

The Senate has proposed a new entitlement called FHIX (Florida Health Insurance Exchange), that aims to provide taxpayer subsidized insurance to the 800,000 currently not covered by Obamacare or other programs. FHIX would be of benefit to those between 100% and 130% of the poverty line, and would require significant new spending, regardless of the amount of Federal funds that it would attract. Hospitals, insurance companies strongly support it (as it is a windfall for them) as does the Florida Democrat Party.

The House in its wisdom is opposed to this program as is the Governor, and view Medicaid expansion as called for in Obamacare to be too expensive for Florida. Pat Rooney provided us a fact sheet generated by the House that debunks a lot of the claims being made by proponents of FHIX.

To see the House Fact Sheet, click HERE

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