Peter Feaman on the dangers we face in the world

RNC member and county committeeman Peter Feaman, speaking at the RCNPB March meeting, provided a sobering assessment of the challenges we face in the world.

“The winds of war are blowing” he said, – in the middle east, in Africa, Eastern Europe, Pakistan, South America, and Asia – beginning anew the struggle for freedom for people from those who would deny them. History repeats – the Crusaders were the first freedom fighters, seeking to liberate the holy lands from Muslim domination.

America is a special nation to face this challenge, he said, – our Declaration of Independence was the first assertion that our basic rights come from God – not from a monarch. He defined for us the “American Trinity”, three principles that define us: 1. “In God we Trust” – stated on our money and the touchstone for our government, 2. “e pluribus unum” – the assertion that regardless of ethnic or racial origin, we are all Americans, and 3. Liberty, not equality – we all start out with equal rights and opportunities and have the liberty to pursue them.

Sadly, all of these principles are now under attack from our own government.

In Peter’s view, the contemporary leader who is the best spokesman for liberty, the Churchill of our day if you will, is Bibi Netanyahu. The Israeli Prime Minister has no problem is laying out that Iran and ISIS both plan world domination – they only differ on who should rule. As Israel is our only natural ally in the middle east, a country that shares our values, we should have a litmus test for our presidential candidates, asking what they will do for Israel.

We are fortunate to have someone with this world view representing us on the RNC.

Peter Feaman on March 24

Join us to hear national speaker Peter Feaman on terrorism – what you should know and what you should be doing. Tuesday March 24, 5:30PM at Frenchman’s Reserve.